reelblue, llc, is a media production company that specializes in stories about global health and the environment. It serves as both think tank and studio, from concept to distribution. reelblue provides services to individuals, non-profit organizations, social enterprises and corporations who want to communicate their brands and ideas through mass media, including film, television, radio, print and the internet. With access to a powerful network of creative talent, reelblue brings stories to life for audiences globally.



Jennifer Galvin, ScD, MPH

Determined to drive societal progress and connect people with social and environmental challenges, Dr. Galvin combines three areas of expertise and accomplishment: science, media, and catalytic investment.  She turns resources – both human energy and financial capital – into impact through idea deployment, analysis, networking and collaboration. She finds new ways to bring story into any project’s DNA and builds effective levers for individuals and entities that amplify strategies at the intersection of health, environment, and innovation. As an environmental health specialist, her investigations and communications have contributed to a greater understanding of global health, particularly for island and coastal populations. She forged the discipline now known as “Ocean and Human Health”; her master's thesis at Yale became the founding paper for the world’s first International Center for Ocean and Human Health, she’s a contributing author to Oceans and Human Health: Risks and Remedies from the Seas, and she served in an advisory role for Harvard Medical School’s Center for Health and the Global Environment. Galvin holds a Doctor of Science (ScD) in environmental health from the Epidemiology, Exposure and Risk Program at the Harvard School of Public Health, a Master of Public Health (MPH) in environmental epidemiology from Yale University, and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in aquatic biology from Brown University. As a founder of reelblue, she produces, directs, and shoots documentary and fiction films. Her award-winning feature documentary Free Swim, together with its companion book We, Sea and guide Free Swim Guide for Educators + Changemakers, has traveled the globe to reduce youth drowning, promote diversity in ocean-related sports, and ignite community coastal conservation. For this work Galvin earned a top NYFA-NYSCA grant, won a Patagonia-sponsored award for relating sports stories to conservation, and graced the homepage of A selection of her work includes: DAWG (in development); Wayfinder (in development); Appalachia (in development); Heading North (in development); Unwired (in development); Give A Dam (in production); Chores (2011); Eating The Ocean (2010); Contact Zone (2010); Free Swim (2009); La Transition (2009); Once Upon A Tide (2008); We, Sea:  Photographs and Words from the Children of South Eleuthera (2007); Caguayo (2006); Healthy Ocean, Healthy Humans (2005). From print to visual storytelling, Galvin’s internationally recognized as a narrative guardian connecting art and science – and inspiring social transformation. She was honored in The 2014 GOOD 100, selected to the American Film Institute's 2004 Catalyst Workshop for science storytelling and screenwriting, and to the 2006 Pan Caribbean Project for Environmental Film and Wildlife Documentaries Residency held at EICTV, Cuba. Galvin also leads a charitable foundation that deploys catalytic investments to improve the planet. As program director, selection committee chair, and trustee of the Henry David Thoreau Foundation, she directs dollars to the next generation of environmental leaders through institutional programs and undergraduate scholarships. She is a member of New York Women in Film & Television, Pleiades Women’s Leadership Network, the ICAIC Muestra Itinerante de Cine del Caribe, and on the boards of Rocking the Boat (Vice President), San Francisco Green Film Festival, Swim to Empower, and Storytellers for Good.

Sachi Cunningham, MJ

Sachi Cunningham is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at San Francisco State University. Previously she was a staff video journalist at the Los Angeles Times, where she covered national and international stories from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the historic El Niño big wave season of 2010. Prior to the Times Cunningham worked on the staff of the PBS news documentary series FRONTLINE and FRONTLINE/World, where she covered stories around the world, from the first Presidential election in Afghanistan to sex trafficking in Dubai. The Emmys, Webbys and Pictures of the Year International, among others, have honored Cunningham’s work. A graduate of UC Berkeley's School of Journalism and Brown University, Cunningham’s stories focus on the ocean environment. Her camera has taken her in the water with 350-pound blue fin tuna and Michael Phelps. With a decade of experience in feature films and commercial productions in Hollywood prior to her career in journalism, Cunningham’s stories are both entertaining and informative. She is a co-founder of reelblue, LLC, a media production company with Jennifer Galvin. An avid surfer, when not crafting stories, Cunningham can be found bobbing in the Pacific with her husband, eyes fixed on the horizon, waiting for the next wave.